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Welcome to the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival Web Site for on-line entries.
1.  In upper right hand corner of screen, click "Sign In".
2. On the next screen, choose "Exhibitor" from drop down box.
3.  Fill out your First and Last name or Select I am a Team/Company and complete your company name. Then choose "I am a new exhibitor or have yet to register this year." If you have entered online in previous years, you will still choose the new exhibitor option. If you have submitted entries already this year, you would then choos "I have previously registered" and enter your password.
4.  Create entries using the drop down tools.   (Refer to Competition Handbook http://datefest.org/Information/CompetitionHandbook/tabid/95/Default.aspx  for clarification on Departments, Divisions, or Classes)
5. Checkout!
*If leaving website at any time YOU MUST CLICK "SAVE CART" .
*ALL ENTRIES MUST BE PAID FOR PRIOR TO entry closing date in order to be accepted. (Refer to Competition Handbook for Closing Dates)